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Our Process.

Events have a reputation for being painful, stress-filled things to plan. We want the planning process to be as fun as the event.
Conversation is an important and underrated step in the process of event planning. This is the “get to know you” part, kind of like dating. We ask a lot of questions about you and the event. You ask a lot of questions about us and about our experience. We want to make sure our skill set matches your needs. If we’re not “the one” for you, we are happy to recommend a better fit.



So, great, we’re a good match. Now, we move to the proposal stage, where we discuss required needs, services, and our fee. It is important that we first determine a general event budget – we don’t want to propose a Maserati if you really want a Honda. If the pricing and services offered are acceptable, we move to the contract phase.


This sounds scarier than it is. The contract describes the expectations for both the client and Felder & Co. Once the contract is signed and the deposit is paid, a project team is assigned. We assign a project team based on a variety of factors such as personality, similar project experiences, potential conflict of interests, and date availability.

First Meeting

This is where we really get to know you! We get into the depth of the event and start collecting any historical data that is available. 

Brainstorming & Creative Phase

This is the fun part! We take your objectives and our creativity and put together a concept. Once the concept is approved, we move forward to the planning phase.

Planning Phase

Now it comes down to the nitty-gritty details: timelines, production schedules, run of shows, contingency plans, and vendor management. 

Event Set-Up

Install Day arrives – or Install Days, in some cases. This is the day that everything comes together.

Event Day

We worry about the details, you entertain the guests and enjoy the evening.  When the event is over, you go home and take off your shoes. We ditch our shoes and stay behind to make sure everything is cleaned up. 

Post Event

We’re all elated and glowing because you had a successful event, and we have happy clients. This is the debriefing meeting where we discuss your return on investment, thank you notes, and budget reconciliation.
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